“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves” – Edmund Hilary

In a world where political ideologies, cultural differences, prejudices and language barriers tend to be divisive, sports are a powerful tool that oftentimes does the complete opposite; it brings people together. Massive sporting events such as the Olympics or the FIFA World Cup serve as testament to the far-reaching impact sports can have on the world’s population, yet the effects are short-lived and few if any of them are tangible.

Therefore, it is a wasted opportunity whereby sports as the mechanism to enact sustainable social initiatives are overlooked. With the model presented by CincoColores, Hybrid Social Enterprise establishes the missing link between governmental agencies and sports entities, which serves as the blueprint for realistic, feasible and sustainable Sports for Society initiatives.

As members of a modern, developed and so-called democratic world, we have a moral obligation to lend a hand to those that are less fortunate. Through Sports for Society initiatives, the Cinco Colores Foundation workswith government and sports entities to provide the catalyst for sustainable social improvement.

Capitalism and globalization principles have stormed the world in the last quarter century, and although they have generated many benefits and opportunities to certain sectors of society, the collateral damage of these ideologies imposed on others is undeniable. As the proverbial saying states “the richer get richer and the poorer get poorer” and at the core, capitalism and globalization have helped perpetuate this notion.

By no means does the Cinco Colores Sports Foundation & Enterprise claim to have the ability to resolve or nullify what has been perpetuated for centuries. Nonetheless, it provides underprivileged or marginalized members of society an opportunity to be reintegrated through the practice of sports and with the backing of the state.