“You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them”.
Michael Jordan

       Blueberry Stable supports disabled kids to get back into the game via communing with horses. After two years since the opening in 2013 Blueberry Stable takes care of more then 70 kids and teenagers with autism syndrome, paraplegias, blindness or other disabilities. There is a huge need to support kids as well as their parents in pursue to social self-reliance and happiness via sport related activations.

Idea: Create a Hippotherapy & Education Center

Objective: Build Hippotherapy & Education Center. Support in the next three year 600 kids, teenagers & their parents through physical activity and education in pursue to their social self-reliance.

Project Budget:  500.000 PLN [~120 000 EUR]

Partners: Blue Berry Stable, Poland

Values HORSE: Hippotherapy, Openness, Respect, Society, Education

Funds Counter

December 2016 – 100 000PLN (20%)